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Coastwinds Farm is a small family-owned property nestled behind the beautiful Boranup Karri forest of South-West WA, and a stone’s throw from the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean.

The 100-acre farm, home to a herd of Murray Grey cattle, is a sanctuary of natural beauty for Murray and Tina Jacobs and their three adult children Will, Jono, and Laura. The family have experimented with various small-batch crops in its luscious Karri loam and generous rainfall, including garlic and hops.


between boranup and karridale

western australia



Our garlic


small batch, with love



Planting takes place in April, in rotated paddocks that have been primed in the month before. The grazing cattle, along with the wet winters ensure that the earth is beautifully rich and ready for the cloves. Each clove is hand-sewn, and planted at optimum growing orientation.


The shoots indicate the best time to harvest, and after seven months in the ground the harvest takes place in November. Picked by hand, each bulb is brushed, checked, tied and hung on-site in our drying shed.


The tied bunches are hung in rows in our purpose-built climate-controlled shed.  We believe quality is everything, and strive to bring to your table the best produce possible.  We hope our garlic brings enjoyment to the taste buds of you and those you cook for.

We hope our garlic brings joy to your tastebuds and those you choose to cook for.
— Murray Jacobs, Owner




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